3X3 Unites

3x3 Basketball is a very fast growing global sport, in which the Netherlands takes a leading position. Co-founders Mark Schuurman and Jesper Jobse and coordinators Bas Rozendaal and Brian ten Bosch envision 3X3 UNITES as a foundation that combines hard work and efforts to bring this popular urban sport to the next level, in the Netherlands as well as on a global level. “From the streets to the Olympics!”.
Within 3x3 basketball, players have ownership over the process and thus the sport, which means; taking responsibility, being adaptable and making decisions.
Skills which are applicable on the court, but also apply to day to day life off the court. These diverse life skills are what 3X3 UNITES instils in its participants. We extend this message to everyone: Take ownership in your game! Win Together!

By developing talent, educating youth, organising next level events and contributing to developmental cooperation projects worldwide, 3X3 UNITES lifts the sport in all its forms to a higher level. Assisting where it’s needed and taking responsibility where it’s possible, all to provide 3x3 basketball with the sustainable platform it deserves. 

3X3 UNITES achieves this through strong partnerships and a tight 3X3-community. Our partners are widely represented by cooperating organizations from the business side (i.a. T-mobile, GX Software, Nijha, Wilson), government (i.a. municipalities and provinces), international partners (i.a. FIBA, International Sport Alliance, University of Cologne) and of course basketball organizations (i.a. NBB, clubs and foundations). Connecting is what makes 3X3 UNITES so powerfull!

Jesper Jobse

Jesper Jobse is a Dutch basketball player, and captain of the National 3X3 team. In the summer of 2017 and 2018 Jesper managed to win a silver medal at the 3X3 World Cup. In barely 4 years, team NL played itself out of anonimity into the top of the world rankings. Their autonomous, self-regulatory approach proved to work. Jesper grabbed the spotlight with a selection in the All Star team at both World Cups.
3X3 basketball is a new, lighting quick sport in which two teams of four players have to settle a match in 10 minutes. 
Pioneer in top sport.
“When I transferred from the regular basketball four years ago, nobody in the Netherlands knew how to play the game on an international level. We we’re ambitious and driven as a team, and we didn’t hesitate at any point. We felt like pioneers, and took responsibility for every aspect of our proces, together. We trained and coached ourselves for four year. And we still do: We set our own goals, manage our international applications and are our own travel agency. Inbetween we handle our own budget, marketing and PR. We create a healthy balance between exertion and relaxation. “We conciously work towards a positive ambiance in the team; preferably in a good restaurant or in search of the best coffee in town.”
Jesper has noticed that the learnings of the Dutch 3X3 team are also relevant for companies with people shorter then 2.04m. He gives lectures, seminars and trainings about his road to succes and the role that the self-regulatory approach of his team plays in that. Jesper works or has worked for: Rabobank, ABN AMRO, NOC*NSF, several sports federations and as an Ambassador for the International Sports Alliance.
Sports and social awareness
Jesper is the initiator for three social foundations: 3X3 Unites, Skills Club Amsterdam and Pass & Play. Each of these, in their own way, uses sports in order to bring about behavioral change and to help young people gain more positive control over their lives.

Jesper was once a timid kid with little entrepreneurial skills. Except for his unmistakable gift for basketball, for a long time he’s unsure of what to do with his life. He’s succeptable to criticism and easily discouraged. After highschool, based on negative selection, he starts a degree to become a teacher and ends up terribly bored by it. Then, Jesper ends up doing an internship at a school in a disadvantaged neighbourhood. His striking height, status as a top athlete and his skills impress the students. They look up to him and he effortlessly connects to them, also with problematic youth. He notices change in them. Gradually Jesper realises that he can be a role model; somebody who makes a difference for young people that are in a bad spot. 

When Jesper starts to combine sport with his social awareness, everything starts to take a turn for him as well. More and more he’s asked to do workshops in which he uses sport as ‘lifes playground’, a way to help youth deal with situations they encounter in every day life. Rules, boundaries, authority, power, setbacks and dissapointments, it’s all there on the court. 
Jesper helps youth discover that they are able to change a situation they are caught up in themselves, or at least have it affect them less. Their negative experience flips over, which creates space for managing and development. Their self-esteem grows. It turns out to be a process that strengthens itself.
Jesper works or has worked with, among others: educationalist Tischa Neve, Sports & Behavior, Sports Pedagogue, NBB, KNVB, several educational institutions, Youth Services and the Muncipality of Amsterdam.
Jespers life motto is: ‘It can always be better. If anything it can always be more fun.’