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10:00 - 13:00

Klönneplein 1, 1014 DD Amsterdam

Pre-registration for Friday morning 6th of October 2023: Exclusive session on scaling up the power of 3X3! 

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Workshop on effective complementing and how to guide your players through positive highlighting of a process.
Workshop on how to bring across your exercises in a clear and understanding manner. This workshop focuses on teaching the basic skills teaching.
Workshop on how to use sports as a tool to develop life skills.
Workshop on exploring the transformative power of personal narratives, equipping you with the tools to lead authentically and make a lasting impact on your communities.
Workshop on equipping you with the tools to create spaces where diverse voices thrive and teach you the practical strategies for fostering inclusive and vibrant communities.
Workshop on how to monitor the boundaries of your role as a facilitator/trainer, while at the same time ensuring that everyone feels safe and valued. Fostering awareness of the importance of a safe and fun environment and how you can actively contribute to inclusion.
Workshop on how to form your own teams and prepare your exercises using a hands-on approach. Encouraging you to reflect on your own style of coaching and how to form powerful teams of coach and assistant coach.
Workshop on how to transfer the knowledge and energy gained during the Festival24 to your own environment, with the help of already familiar strategies.