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In the North of Amsterdam, at the Meidoornweg, you can find this official 3X3 Unites court. The Meidoornweg court was the first courts in the city of Amsterdam to receive the official 3X3 Unites logo! During the construction of the court, we were asked to share our knowledge. During a visit to the 2017 European Championship to check out our removable 3X3 Unites Legacy Courts at the side events, our logo was so appreciated by the city of Amsterdam that they also wanted it on the Meidoornweg Court! Up to the present day, this is the only asphalt court in The Netherlands baring the 3X3 Unites logo.

The first permanent 3X3 Unites activity on the Meidoornweg were supported by Jeronimo. Pavel, who attended school next to the field, can also be found there a lot! At the moment there are no activities. In the warmer months of the year, we try to organize an activity on this court every Tuesday following school. So, check out our socials regularly so that you don’t miss a thing!

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