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Official 3x3 Unites Court

Half court

Full court


3X3 UNITES is committed to bringing basketball back to the streets. In various cities we are looking, in collaboration with local partners, for places where a street basketball community is already active or for places that have the potential to set up a good 3X3 community.

We investigate the needs that exist within a community and offer support in creating more structure within the community by training 3X3 Leaders. Together with these Leaders, we look at what it takes to give the community a boost.

One of the most important pillars within 3X3 UNITES is good hardware. We believe that a good and well-kept court encourages and motivates you to play 3X3 Basketball. Our mission is to convince municipalities and other stakeholders of the added value of good basketball facilities. Together with our product partners, we strive to give each community its own "home" where they can play with high frequency and pride.

The above map provides an overview of all active courts in the Netherlands. The fields that have been realized together with the 3X3 Unites foundation are recognizable by the logo.

Name Address Type
Rob Vis Plein Ringweg Dorrestein Amersfoort 3x3 Unites Official Court
Vathorst Court Rotonde 7 Vathorst Amersfoort 3x3 Unites Official Court
Neptunusplein Neptunusplein Amersfoort 3x3 Unites Official Court
Museumplein Museumplein Amsterdam 5x5 Full Court
Tabithaplein Ceintuurbaan Amsterdam 3x3 Unites Official Court
Maritzstraat Maritzstraat Amsterdam 3x3 Unites Official Court
Cruyff Court Betondorp Onderlangs 21-22 Amsterdam 5x5 Full Court
Theo van Goghpark Jaap Speyerstraat 2, Amsterdam 3x3 Unites Official Court
Kazerne Reigersbos Kazerne Reigersbos Amsterdam Southeast 5x5 Full Court
Spreeuwenpark Spreeuwenpark Amsterdam North 3x3 Unites Official Court
Beloegastraat Beloegastraat Amsterdam North 3x3 Unites Official Court
Kraaiennest Kraaiennest Amsterdam Zuidoost 3x3 Unites Official Court
Wezenlanden Park Park De Wezenlanden 1 5x5 Full Court
Vechtstraat Vechtstraat Amsterdam South 3x3 Unites Official Court
NDSM - WERF NDSM - WERF Amsterdam North 3x3 Unites Half Court
Basketballcourt Heerenveen Abe Lenstra Boulevard 5x5 Full Court
Meidoornweg Meidoornweg Amsterdam North 3x3 Unites Official Court
Nelson Mandela Park Nelson Mandela Park Amsterdam Southeast 3x3 Unites official court