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On Friday the 5th of April a personal development and creative workshop took place to provide our 3X3UNITES Academy participants with an opportunity to further develop their own skillset, find their purpose and have a change of pace.

Tyrese one of our participants took the chance to write down his experience of the workshop.

“At the start of our get-together, there was a workshop provided by the organization Team Player. Dave van den Berg shared their current initiatives and future aspirations with us.

During the workshop, we delved into the concept of "your personal brand," guided by questions. For instance, one might ask oneself: "What distinguishes me from others in my sport or profession?" Another Interesting question to consider was: "What is my ultimate goal?" These questions, though challenging, provided me a chance of reflection. After some thought, I discovered answers that resonated deeply with me.

Addressing the first question, I realized that my unique way of connecting with others truly sets me apart. As for my ultimate goal, it is to become a prominent figure within the 3x3 basketball community—not for fame, but to be recognized as someone who consistently contributes and aspires to be a role model for many.

These reflections are personal and integral to my journey.”

Creative Workshops
Midway through the event, we began our creative workshop, led by Melissa 't Jong. The atmosphere turned playful, pushing team building and allowing us to get to know each other better. This approach proved to be both enjoyable and effective.

Sequence of activities
We kicked off with a challenging but amusing task: drawing a portrait of the person sitting opposite us in just one minute, then sharing these sketches with the group. The results varied from impressively accurate to humorously abstract.

Afterwards, we switched partners and experimented with drawing each other in three different poses. These sessions produced a mix of detailed and entertainingly exaggerated drawings.

After a break for pizza, we resumed our creative ways with a painting workshop. Initially, we painted portraits of new partners, leading to a diverse selection of styles and interpretations. The final assignment challenged us to incorporate the 3x3 logo into our artwork creatively, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking.

Closing thoughts
The day was filled with laughter, creativity, and brotherhood. Everyone left with a sense of accomplishment and connection.