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Minds of Unites

In recent years, the importance of mental health awareness has gained significant attention as societies worldwide acknowledge the profound impact it has on individuals, families, and communities. With an increasing understanding of mental health and its pervasive nature, efforts to address mental health concerns have become crucial. In this article, we will explore the significance of mental health awareness and delve into a groundbreaking new mental health project that aims to support and empower individuals on their mental health journeys.

Let us introduce you to Minds of Unites!

How it started
3X3 Unites uses sports as a means to keep young people mentally fit. We create perspective through our 3X3 Leader Course program. We engage with young people daily, discussing their strengths, needs, and challenges in mental health.

It is not taboo for us to show vulnerability; in fact, it is embraced and seen as a strength within the community. But what if young people need more attention, guidance, or aftercare? Minds of Unites wants to provide that.

Wat is het
 An umbrella for everything we can offer in terms of mental health, both online and offline. We support personal needs, strive for social safety, and create awareness for mental health.

What are the tools we use?

- One-on-one and group coaching
- Workshops for different targets
 - Ambassadors for mental health
- Useful and positive social media content and interaction
- Our intermediary role
 - And more!
By utilizing the knowledge of experts, the stories of lived experience, role models, and our own leaders, we can make a difference.

What will it bring us
It offers us more possibilities to improve mental health within the team, the leaders, and the professional players. We want to make the stigma disappear.

Accessibility and outreach
The project emphasizes the importance of making mental health resources and supports easily accessible to all individuals. It focuses on reaching diverse populations, including marginalized communities, by leveraging technology, community partnerships, and targeted outreach programs.

"Raise awareness and break taboos by starting conversations and spreading knowledge. We connect minds!"