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The FIBA 3x3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters presented by Unibet is back!

After the success of last year, the 3x3 FIBA World Tour Masters will once again land in Amsterdam. The FIBA 3x3 World Tour is the most prestigious tournament series in international 3x3 basketball. On October 12 and 13, 2024, the iconic Gashouder will once again be the spectacular setting for the best 3x3 basketball players in the world.

"With our event last year, we set a new standard in the international sports world with a unique and innovative setting," says tournament director Jesper Jobse. "This year, we are raising the bar even higher. Given the success of last year and the ever-growing popularity of 3x3 basketball in the Netherlands, I expect another sold-out house and an amazing atmosphere."

Alex Sanchez, representing FIBA, is also pleased that the World Tour is returning to Amsterdam. "We are excited to return to Amsterdam with the World Tour this year. The event last year in the iconic Gashouder with a very high level of entertainment fantastically showcased the urban character of 3x3."

an Event for everyone

The games in the Gashouder were played to full stands. The event was sold out both days. "Last year, we had two evening sessions. This year, we are adding day sessions to make it even more of an event for everyone," says Jobse.

He wants to raise the bar both on and off the court. He is not only the tournament director but also a co-founder of the 3X3 Unites Foundation, which organizes the World Tour Amsterdam Masters. The foundation has been using 3x3 basketball for years as a means to make a social impact and give young people the opportunity to pursue their dreams and take control of their lives.

‘From the streets to the world stage’

During the World Tour Amsterdam Masters, young people will have the opportunity to develop and participate in various ways. "It fits perfectly with what we stand for as an organization. Providing everyone with a place in their challenge at the appropriate level: from the streets to the world stage," says Jobse. "It is also their great wish to bring that world stage to us and use this platform to show the world what the talents of these young people are."

According to Maarten Hoffer, CEO of the Dutch Basketball Federation, the World Tour Amsterdam Masters is a shining example of how sports events should be organized. "At the World Tour Amsterdam Masters, elite sports and social impact go hand in hand. What 3X3 Unites shows is unique in the world, and we as a national federation are proud of that. We support 3X3 Unites where we can and work together to make it the most beautiful World Tour in the world for our elite athletes, basketball fans, and Leaders."

Frank Thewessem, CEO of Topsport Amsterdam, agrees. "There is an increasing demand for justifying investments in elite sports. 3X3 Unites shows the societal value that sports can have and how you can use sports to create new local role models like the 3X3 Leaders."

Topsport Amsterdam sees that this event brings joy to its residents, makes them proud, and is also the perfect stage for the elite athletes based in Amsterdam to become sports heroes in their own city.   

Olympic champions

There is a high chance that Olympic champions will be seen in Amsterdam. The tournament in the Gashouder takes place two months after the Olympic Games in Paris. All participants of the World Tour are the same National Team players who compete in the Olympic Games.

The Netherlands still need to qualify for Paris in the coming period, but Jobse is confident that they will succeed. "I believe that we, as the Netherlands, can perform well there."

According to him, they will also do that at the World Tour Amsterdam Masters. Jobse believes that the upcoming edition will be even more spectacular and better than last year. This is partly due to various parties that 3X3 Unites will collaborate with and new initiatives during the World Tour Amsterdam Masters. More will be announced in the coming period.