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Tournament director Jesper Jobse looks back on fiba 3x3 world tour Amsterdam masters: 'It was overwhelming

In the run-up to the 3x3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters, Jesper Jobse had an ideal scenario in his mind. But that the event at the iconic Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder would exceed his own expectations, the tournament director himself had not dared to dream either. 'It was in 1 word overwhelming,' says Jobse. 
At the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder, he saw everything fall into place for two days. In a setting where the World Tour Masters had not been held before, top basketball was the main act at an event that also had room for entertainment and social projects. 'I think it's bold that we managed to capture the whole lifestyle around 3x3 basketball.'

While the best 3x3 basketball players in the world competed against each other on the court, youngsters from 3X3 Unites had plenty of opportunities to showcase their talents. In the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder, for instance, they sold clothes they had designed themselves, took care of video and photography and made plenty of music. Jobse: 'Everyone felt important and part of the spectacle.'

An important part of that spectacle was the location. The raw look of the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder was the perfect reflection of the urban character of 3x3 basketball. The LED screens behind the basket, the lights on the roof and the enthusiastic crowd did the rest. 'We really managed to make it a night out.'

Secretly, Jobse had hoped that Team Amsterdam would run away with victory in their own city. But the team including Worthy de Jong was eliminated in the quarterfinals by world number one Ub. In the end, the Austrian team Vienna won the tournament. 'The sporting performance was the only variable we had no influence on,' says Jobse, laughing. 

Team Amsterdam's premature elimination did not affect the great atmosphere in the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder. The 2,100 seats were filled from the first to the last game on both days, and towards the end of the tournament, basketball fans chose another team to rally behind. 'I loved seeing that,' Jobse said. 'And important towards the future, because it shows that 3x3 basketball is an attractive sport to watch.'

Jobse also received purely positive reactions from the players and the FIBA. Before the tournament, he said he wanted to set a new standard for the World Tour Masters and, in retrospect, he dares to say he succeeded. 'This tastes like more,' he says. 'I still see enough potential to make it an even bigger basketball festival.'

Asked whether The World Tour Amsterdam Masters at the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder was the perfect birthday party for the 100th edition of the World Tour, he modestly replied: 'That's for others to decide, but in any case, I enjoyed it immensely.'