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In 2016 Jesper Jobse, Co-Founder of 3X3 Unites and Pro 3X3 player, realized what 3X3 has brought him. Besides a wonderful sporting career, Jesper has also developed tremendously as a human being through 3X3 over the years.

In 3X3 there is no coach on the court. So you really have to take ownership and responsibility for everything that happens on the court. You have to be able to communicate well with your fellow players. You have to be able to make a plan and implement it. You have to be able to switch gears quickly and deal with setbacks, because a game only lasts 10 minutes.

Based on these insights, 3X3 Unites in cooperation with the Dutch Basketball Federation developed the level 2 training to 3X3 Leader. This training has been certified by the NOC*NSF. It is also the first recognized training for street basketball.

Key points of this eight-week course include: 3X3 knowledge, community building, being/becoming a role model, positive coaching, one-on-one contact with young people and organizing your own event.In addition, we teach participants how to recognize Life Skills in others and how to reward applying them well. Some examples of important Life Skills that will be taught during the training are:

  • Working together
  • Perseverance
  • Problem solving skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Acceptance
  • Reflecting on own behavior
  • Connecting with each other
  • Having fun
  • Dealing with authority

      After obtaining the Leadership Diploma, the leaders are linked to their own, local courts. From that moment on, they are responsible for organizing activities and events on these courts, motivating and attracting the local community to participate, but also for monitoring the quality of the courts.

      Municipalities and city districts that already offer 3X3 programs in the Netherlands are:

      • Municipality of Amsterdam
      • Amsterdam South-East
      • Amsterdam North
      • Amsterdam South
      • Amsterdam East
      • Zwolle
      • Amersfoort
      • Heerenveen
      • Dordrecht
      • Utrecht
      • Den Bosch
      • Ijmuiden
      • Soest
      • Dokkum
      • Katwijk
      • Amstelveen

      Internationally, we have equipped Leaders in for example Suriname, Denmark, Libanon and Mali. With many more on the agenda. 

      Are there basketball courts within your municipality that look abandoned? Would you like to use sport as a tool for the development of young people in your community? Would you like to know more about the 3X3 Leadership Course?

      Then leave your contact details here and we will contact you soon.

      Or maybe you would like to become a 3X3 Leader yourself!


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