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3X3NEXT King of challenger

actions speak louder then words!

On the 19th & 20th of September we had one of the biggest events of the year! The 3X3 Unites Challenger were a big group of national and international 3x3 teams compete for the price money of 15,000 euros!!

During this big event we organized the 3X3 NEXT King of Challenger. Were players could showcase their skills in a 1v1 setting with 3v3 Rules! This was all about bringing your game and not your name. Players had a strict deadline to sign up as only 9 players would have been picked. After the deadline the matchups were made by lottery.

In the first round we had Sergio vs Luigi. These were two guards with a lot of energy and speed. In this matchup Sergio was voted the underdog as Luigi was the one more likely to win by the audience. In the end Sergio ended up on top by hitting some deep Threes.

The next matchup was between Jerfellinio and Boris. Two players that could shoot the rock when hot, but in this matchup they chose to settle it with post ups and explosive layups.  Jerf ended up on top in this matchup!

The third matchup was between Livadjo and Ray. Ray had a slow start and this cost him the game. Livadjo started with a head full of steam and went straight to the basket for buckets after buckets. Ray heated up later in the game and came back with back to back threes. But Livadjo ended up taking the dub in this one!

The last match up was between Issa and Yazid. Yazid showcased his handles in this game. We could have called him the Professor in this match. Issa made some tough shots but ended up too short. Yazid got the dub and went on to the next round.

In the second round we had Sergio vs Jerfellinio and Yazid vs Livadjo. The matchup between Sergio and Jerfellinio started off hot. But in the end Sergio got the best of Jerfellinio as Jerf ran out of steam. Yazid vs Livadjo was a tough matchup! But Livadjo showed that he wanted the dub more and had a few amazing drives to the basket to seal the Win.

In the final matchup for the grand prize of a 200 euro Oqium voucher was between Livadjo and Sergio. This game took an unexpected turn when Livadjo ran out of steam. Sergio was better fitted for this physical and long 1v1 matchup. Remember hoopers: conditioning is also a crucial part of the game!

The underdog Sergio ended up taking the grand prize home!

Stay tuned as in the future we will be organizing more and more of these tournaments!