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As part of the From the Streets to the World Tour campaign ( NGO 3X3 Unites and the Netherlands Basketball Federation are hosting this international 3X3 PRO League 2022 in the Netherlands. This international 3X3 PRO League is an invitational league with 12 male teams. 6 International and 6 Dutch teams will be invited to participate in this league. The 3X3 PRO League 2022 consists of 2 preliminary round stops and 1 Final. The stops will be 1-day events and the final will be a 2-day event. The three stops will be Pink level events in the FIBA3x3 ranking.

The same 12 teams will play in every tournament, where the teams will be divided in 4 poules of three teams. Seeding and tournament format will be according to FIBA3x3 guidelines.


July 9 // Stop 1 // Utrecht

July 23 // Stop 2 // The Hague

August 23+24 // Final // Amsterdam


For this 3X3 PRO League 2022 there is a total amount of $ 45.000 prize money available. On top of this, teams can earn 2 FIBA3x3 World Tour Masters spots and 1 FIBA3x3 Challenger spot.


The 3X3 PRO League 2022 standings after 2 stops will decide which teams will win the first batch of prizes:

  • #1 $ 10.000 + FIBA3x3 World Tour Masters Utrecht
  • #2 $ 6.000
  • #3 $ 4.000
  • #4 $ 3.000
  • #5 $ 2.500
  • #6 $ 2.000
  • #7 $ 1.000
  • #8 $ 500


The 3X3 PRO League 2022 standings after two stops will decide the seeding for the Final. In the Final event the prizes will be divided like this:

  • #1 $ 10.000 + FIBA3x3 World Tour Masters Jeddah
  • #2 $ 5.000 + FIBA3x3 Challenger (tbd)


To participate in the 3X3 PRO League 2022 teams will pay a participation fee of € 10.000,-. By paying this fee teams are guaranteed participation in all three events, including the Final. The team within this league roster can include a maximum of 6 different players, each of which is required to have a FIBA3x3 profile. The organization will provide a mandatory team competition gear for every team. If provided well in advance, there is a possibility to add a team logo or sponsor logo on the jerseys. The organization will provide each team with a highlight tape after this League. Included in this participation fee is also full board accommodation for only the Final in Amsterdam.

The following things are not included in this participation fee:

  • - transportation (for example flights) to the Netherlands for attending the 3X3 PRO League 2022
  • - transportation to and from airport
  • - hotel accommodation for the two stops in Utrecht and The Hague
  • - breakfast, lunch, diner for the two stops in Utrecht and The Hague

If desired, the organization will offer support to the teams in arranging transportation and/or hotel accommodation for the first two stops.


The 3X3 PRO League 2022 in the Netherlands is an invitational league. The organization will decide which teams will be invited to play. If teams are interested in participation, they can make their interest known by sending an email to before May 31st. Please include the following information in the e-mail: - name of city-based team (sponsor name can be added as suffix) - name, phone number and e-mail of team representative - potential team roster - team resume in FIBA3x3 Pro Circuit or National events (if applicable) - motivation to participate


For more information about the ‘Road to the World Tour’ please visit

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