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Welcome to the 3x3 Leader Academy

It's that time again! Do you feel the urge to take the next step in your personal and professional development? Then the 3x3 Leader Academy is the perfect opportunity for you. We believe in your potential and want to help you achieve your dreams and goals through this unique academy.


December 1: Deadline to submit your motivation to Bas ( Tell us why you want to participate, what you hope to accomplish, and in what ways your goals are closely aligned with the mission of 3X3 Unites.

Examples of topics include: Mental Health - Inclusion - Diversity - Trainership - Leadership - Training - Evaluation/Reflection - Sponsorship - Grants.

But above all, be creative in your own ideas!

By December 10: Receive notification of your selection. We will let you know soon if you are selected for the 3x3 Leader Academy.

January 6 and 7: The Academy itself. We expect you to be available for these two days of inspiration, learning and networking.

After January 6-7: Reserve at least one hour per week to work on your project. We will support you during this time to bring your vision to life.

Examples of Success Stories

Meet some of our previous participants:

Yueliza: Aimed for a women's 3x3 PRO League and has now established a successful league for two years with prize money equal to that of the men.

Jacopo: Dreamed of transitioning from national to international tournaments by creating his own team, and he succeeded.

Charlotte: Aspired to make a bigger impact in inclusivity and is now the proud project manager of the Gender Action Plan.

Practical Information for January 6-7

We will contact you to clarify all logistical details. Look forward to two days full of inspiration and growth!

Prepare for a process that expands your personal and professional horizons. The 3x3 Leader Academy awaits your unique contribution. Are you ready?