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This showstopper of a court can be found at the former shipyard NDSM-werf in the North of Amsterdam! Court NDSM-Werf started out as one of the four 3X3 Unites Legacy Courts of the 2017 European Championship at Museum Square. Sponsors T-Mobile, Sony, the city of Amsterdam, in collaboration with 3X3 Unites purchased four black SEP courts and used them as side-event courts during the European Championship.

After that, this court was used for the Pow Wow event in Rotterdam where the artists of Opperclaes painted the court, turning it into our one and only 3X3 Art Court. Since the summer of 2020, the NDSM-werf has permanently installed this first and unique 3X3 Art Court, which is accompanied by a historic Schelde Basketball Tower.

The awesome Leaders who run this court are Finn and Madou! During the summer months, we try to organize an activity on this court every Saturday. So, check out our socials regularly to not miss a thing!

Op dit moment zijn er geen activiteiten gepland op deze court.

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