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3X3 Leader End event in Eindhoven!

The City of Light is now an official 3X3 Unites member! It all started with the Leader Course back in October where 5 young and ambitious Leaders met and decided to bring a something new to Eindhoven. Fast-forward to January 27th, over 50 people showed up to our end event and enjoyed themselves through the game of basketball!

We are extremely proud that we managed to come through with this event and provide a space full of entertainment, discussion and competition of 12 3X3 teams! The best part however was the 1v1 NEXT FIGHTS that attracted everyone’s attention until a winner was crowned.

The hall in Sint Wirostraat got lit again after years of inactivity and vacancy as it hosted the tournament and keeps hosting pickup games weekly!

This demonstrates that a dedicated group of people can achieve a lot, and that is what we are counting on moving on to bigger activities! We are happy with the progress and optimistic about the future of 3x3 basketball in Eindhoven!