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3X3 Unites Academy: An Inspiring Weekend of Development and Collaboration

Last weekend, the 3X3 Unites Academy took place, hosted by Younity Utrecht. Fourteen 3X3 Leaders immersed themselves in a program focused on personal development and addressing cases related to 3X3 Unites. Together, they worked on these cases and aimed for an impressive presentation.

Saturday: Collaboration and Presentations
In collaboration with Start2Create, the participants experienced a workshop focused on creative thinking, which included attention to personal communication styles. Subsequently, five short presentations were held on various aspects of 3X3 Unites, including inclusion, societal impact, branding, events, and the ecosystem.

At the end of the day, the 3X3 Leaders chose a case to work on the following day. The day ended with a joint dinner and an exciting 'prison escape' full of challenges.

Sunday: Storytelling and Case Presentations
The Sunday began early with an engaging Storytelling workshop, provided by Conclusion Consulting. The 3X3 Leaders were challenged to share personal stories, leading to an open and stimulating atmosphere. After the break, the formed groups worked on their chosen case, which they later presented to the group.

Closing with Tradition
Traditionally, Sunday ended with an exciting basketball tournament. This year there was a new winner, reflecting the dynamics and growth within the 3X3 Unites community.

The 3X3 Academy proved to be an inspiring weekend full of growth, collaboration, and personal development. The 3X3 Leaders left with new insights and are ready to contribute to 3X3 Unites.