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Eindhoven, the vibrant city of light known for its pure love of sports, is gearing up for a basketball tournament like never before. Brace yourselves, basketball fanatics, because 3x3Unites is back with its adrenaline-pumping 3x3 tournament!

Rewind to January 27 in the hall of Sint Wirostraat where more than 50 people showed up at a course-end event hosted by a handful of young and ambitious hoop enthusiasts and a relatively new organization for the basketball community in Eindhoven: 3x3Unites. The event had such a fantastic success within the community that a follow-up course was a must. This brings us to the start of the second Leader course in Eindhoven.

For 8 weeks a group of 6 people carefully planned another amazing event for the rapidly growing basketball community in Eindhoven and we are extremely proud of all the preparation and hard work that they put into making this possible.

The outside court on Locatellistraat was the perfect place for such an event that would be more than just a basketball tournament embracing the spirit of unity in the community. 12 teams from different parts of the city and not only came together, breaking barriers and forging friendships through their love for the game.

The event had again a massive success in uniting people and making an impact both on and off the court for the people, showing what passionate people can achieve through the love of the game. The future of 3x3 basketball is definitely in good hands!