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Nestled in the heart of Amsterdam lies the vibrant community of Amsterdam Oost, a place where people and diverse cultures seamlessly blend together. Within this area the streets resonate with a beautiful blend of diverse cultures which play a key role in fostering a welcoming and community driven environment that welcomes all.

This area is also where our 3X3 Leader Course took place. Provided by 3X3 Unites, for the youth, with the goal of creating a better tomorrow, 8 yearlong leader, educator and role model Mike Nasibdar recruited young people using the vast network he has collected over the years from previous leader courses. The tight knit community quickly networked and soon, the outdoor courts in Amsterdam Oost were aware of his 3X3 Leader Course, taking place in Sport Gebouw Zeeburgereiland in Zeeburg on the 17th of November.

Empowering The Youth

The 3X3 Leader Course, uniquely tailored to the youth serves as a tool for creating a better future. Through the course, we use 3x3 basketball to guide and bring about a positive change into the lives of the youth while fostering a sense of community and belonging, developing a sense of ownership, and igniting their drive to act and bring a positive change into their own lives. This is done by demonstrating the value that sports and physical activity have in developing life skills such as communication, self-management, emotional control and many more.

In Amsterdam Oost, the latest 3X3 Leader Course featured 9 youth participants aged between 15 and 21 who were actively engaged throughout the 8 weeks of the course. Bound by the love for basketball, the group quickly opened up and created a safe environment where they could share their thoughts and ideas freely. During the course the group learned, played, grew, and prepared for the final assessment of the leader course… organizing an event.

Final Event

The final event, named “3x3 Cup – Big Boy Hoopers Only,” showcased the collective effort of the Amsterdam Oost group, as they hosted 8 teams and 24 participants aged 11 – 25+ through a thrilling tournament, a three-point contest and an all-star game. As the day went by, the infectious energy of the group created excitement and faces lit up with smiles, the air echoed with animated conversation and cheering for each other, and memorable experiences were created.

The 3X3 Leader Course and final event perfectly portrays the transformative power of community and shared purpose, and not only does the 3X3 Leader Course nurture basketball skills but it also fosters lasting connections, creating a ripple effect of inspiration for the leaders of tomorrow.