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Leaders of Unites 2023 recap


They are the core of what we do and the motivation behind everything we do. In 2023, over 400 young people obtained their diplomas and earned the title, and more importantly, the role of a 3X3 Leader.

All these young people have an impact in their own local network, their local community. Some of them exceed all expectations and toke on the role so effectively that they become a next level role model within the group of 3X3 Leaders. Without taking away from anyone, this last group of young people is featured in our hall of fame and showcased in our beautiful Leaders of Unites series. This series has been running since 2019, and every year, between 20 and 25 young people are interviewed and photographed.

Photographer Arno Stevens always finds it incredibly special to go out with the young people. He always says that the young people are so cool, but they also clearly have something good within them. Jacopo Bertotti and Bas Rozendaal then interview the young people, and every time, Birgit Taal-Soethof, who writes the stories of the 3X3 Leaders, is impressed by how well the young people already know themselves and how well they can articulate what they find important in their lives.

All those involved feel the appropriate pride with every 3X3 Leader and every story, knowing that they are able to shine a spotlight on someone who truly deserves it because of the impact they make on others.

Scroll down for the Leaders of Unites stories from 2023! We look forward to the new year, where we will once again share beautiful new stories.

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