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leaders of unites #9 Nesta Agasi

My love for basketball all started on a court in Utrecht
My name is Nesta Agasi, I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in Utrecht. Nowadays I play basketball at a professional level, but it has been quite a long journey. My love for basketball all started on a small court at Tolsteegplantsoen in Utrecht when I was 14 years old. I often went to shoot some hoops with my brother. There, I discovered that it was an ideal sport for me, because I learned to control my emotions. Before that, I had mainly tried martial arts, but there, my emotions could really influence my athletic output, which did not work for me.

I played basketball on that court three times a week for about a year, but I wanted more. In Nieuwegein I found a club that I could join and there I played recreational level basketball for two years. After this, I was able to transfer to Landstede in Zwolle, where I could participate in the top sport talent program. For two years I practiced twice a day at this Academy. The first year I played on the under 18 team and the second year I moved up to the under 24 team. After learning a lot those two year, I decided to take in one step further and focus on professional basketball. I moved to Groningen, 

where I now play for the first teams of pro basketball club Donar and highest amateur level club De Groene Uilen. It has been a tough journey, but with perseverance and determination I got to where I wanted to be!

3X3 has not only helped me with basketball, but also on a personal level
My current career is in 5 against 5 basketball, but 3X3 has also contributed a great deal to the way I play the game today. Mainly because you have to rely on yourself and your teammates a lot. You get to arrange everything yourself; you have to be able to bond well with your team and you must be able to communicate clearly. Because I learned these aspects of basketball in 3X3, I now often take on the captain role myself. I take responsibility to motivate my team, give tips, and make corrections where necessary. 3X3 has been a part of the process that made me who I am today, on and off the court.

3X3 has not only helped me develop in basketball, but also on a personal level. As a Leader at 3X3 Unites I found out that I was very interested in human psychology. You are really engaged in recognizing target groups and understanding how someone is feeling mentally and responding to that.

Because of these experiences I wanted to do a study that combines psychological aspects with business. That is how I ended up at my recent study, Human Resource Management. A perfect combination between psychology and business. For example, in a company you get to focus on the employees, but also on their employment conditions.

I would like to learn as much as possible about guiding all kinds of different people
I have big plans for the future. In five years, I see myself working in the Human Resource field. I will have finished my studies and will be seriously looking at starting my career. I would like to learn as much as possible about guiding all kinds of different people and understand how to lead a wide variety of target groups. I also really want to try to learn how these people prefer to be guided themselves and put that into practice. Hopefully, I can combine my work life with basketball, preferably at a professional level. Work will be my number 1 priority, but basketball will always be a big and important part of my life. It is an ambitious vision of the future, but I hope that with enough persistence and dedication I can achieve both of my dreams.