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Team Utrecht survives qualifications and reaches main tournament 3x3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters

Not one but two Dutch teams are participating in the 3x3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters. Besides the already placed Team Amsterdam, Team Utrecht also managed to qualify for the main tournament at the Westergasfabriek on Friday morning.
Behind the closed doors of the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder, Utrecht managed to win from both Pitesti Getica 95 (21-14) and Düsseldorf LFDY (21-19). It is the first time this season that Utrecht has qualified for the main tournament of a World Tour Masters. 'We worked very hard for this with the team,' said Nesta Agasi, on behalf of Utrecht. 

The team, which mainly plays at the challenger level, had a difficult season so far with mixed results. But there was no sign of that on Friday morning in front of empty stands in the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder. Utrecht played two very strong matches and qualified convincingly for the main tournament, which starts Friday evening and will be well attended by the public. In fact, the stands will be full. 

'It just went really well,' Agasi said. 'We were sharp, defended hard, communicated well, gave each other energy and wanted to go through fire for each other. We knew we had to show it in qualifying, and we did.'

So did tournament director Jesper Jobse. He did not expect anything beforehand, but saw that Utrecht showed what they are capable of. Utrecht has had a difficult season, with a lot of bad luck and changes. But when they are here in the Cultuurdorp Westergas and Gashouder, they seem to be able to bring out the best in themselves.'

Agasi acknowledged on behalf of Utrecht that they were extra motivated because they were playing a 'home game'. 'Two of the four players live in Amsterdam and many family and friends have tickets to the main tournament. Of course you are then extra keen to win. That it worked out is very special.'

Because of Utrecht's success, two Dutch teams will participate in the main tournament in Amsterdam. 'That is of course super cool,' said Jobse. 'For the Dutch public, which will be massively present this weekend, but also for the players themselves.'

Agasi, too, cannot wait to compete at the 3x3 World Tour Amsterdam Masters. Utrecht will take on Vienna and Miami, two strong teams, in the main tournament. Agasi: 'We are going to give everything we have. We are going to compete and ofcourse enjoy ourselves immensely.'