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The new 3X3 Unites Office!

In the presence of 3X3 Leaders, partners, friends and family, 3X3 Unites opened its new headquarters on Thursday, Feb. 29. On the basketball court, which is the shining centerpiece of the office, a toast was made to the brand new accommodation in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. "This our new breeding ground for even more greater ideas!''

On the facade of a warehouse in a business park under the smoke of the Amsterdam Arena, the black and white logo of 3X3 Unites catches the eye. And even upon entering, it is immediately clear what the central theme is. Basketballs on brackets cover a wall in the meeting room. Pictures of youngsters playing basketball hang throughout the building. And inside the shed is a basketball court.

A staircase on the side of the basketball court leads upstairs to a specially equipped podcast studio and enclosed work space. Again, there are pictures of young people playing basketball, but there are also multiple desks, high tables to work at, a PlayStation 5, whiteboards and curtains to close off portions of the space.

3X3 Unites recently moved from the Kazerne to its new home. The Kazerne was also home to the boldest ideas, but the space was shared with other parties and had become too small for the growth 3X3 Unites had experienced in recent years. 'It's bizarre that we are here now,' says Jesper Jobse, co-founder of 3X3 Unites, as he looks around the office. 'It makes me enormously proud.'

It was Jobse himself who came across the vacant shed by chance last summer. 'I immediately saw something in it, but knew that it also needed a lot of work to really make it our own home,' he says. 'We couldn't have done that without our partners. We are very grateful to them for that.'

The framework and high-quality workstations were designed by Officious. The company made a scan of the needs of the growing team and paired it with an elaboration. As a result, 3X3 Unites has several places to confer, as well as flexible workstations.

Thus, the basics stood as a house, but 3X3 Unites' desire was to make it even more its own. Shon Price painted a huge mural on the wall along the basketball court and Blauwdruk's concept builders realized their own podcast studio, a real hangout and made sure that 3X3 Unites and its wonderful community became more visible throughout the office.

Jobse: "It has become fantastic and truly our home base. Our breeding ground for even more greater ideas.'