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Leaders of unites #14 jimmy de hoogh

In basketball, my dad is my role model 
My name is Jimmy de Hoogh, and I am 18 years old. I was born in Zacatecas, Mexico. This is quite a big city, centrally located between the mountains. I lived there until I was five. Personally, I never played basketball in Mexico, but my father did, he was always a good ball player! He was not a pro, but he certainly had good skills. My father has always been my example in basketball, and to me he is the best basketball player I know. Of course, he wanted me to play basketball, so I quickly got a little spiderman ball to play with. However, because I was so young, I was not able to reach the basket yet, which resulted in me disliking the game for a while. 

When we came to the Netherlands, we first moved to Enkhuizen. I also started playing football there. For eight years, I played football, but at one point my attention was drawn to basketball again. We played basketball during gym class and I noticed that I enjoyed it a lot more now. I bought a cheap ball and went to the nearest basketball court to play some ball. After a while, we moved to Zwolle. Enkhuizen was just a bit too small for us and basketball was also much more popular in Zwolle. Three years ago, I was finally confident enough to play at a real basketball club, ZAC. I thought it was great fun and I noticed that my individual skills were improving, but that my game insight was poor, which often made it a bit difficult. I still had a lot to learn, but I was willing to do my best! Next to my house is a school and they have their own basket on the playground. Here, I hung my own net and started practicing a lot. As I got better, I finally thought I was good enough to go to the best court in Zwolle, the Wezenlandenpark, and once there I was able to continue my development. My father is still interested in my basketball and comes to watch often. We also frequently play 1 on 1. I never beat him, but he always gives me tips and points for improvement!

3X3 Unites was there for me at a time when I really needed it
I started at 3X3 Unites almost 2 years ago and since then I have been enjoying it a lot. I followed the 3X3 Leader Course in Zwolle and currently, I am following the 3X3 Instructors Course. I think it is all really cool and the Leader Course has already brought me so much. I have achieved a lot more in basketball, but I have also made many new friends. Being a leader at 3X3 Unites has given my confidence a huge boost. It was exciting for me to start as a Leader. I had only recently been playing basketball and I was quite shy and socially awkward. But slowly I started to bond with the people around me and my confidence skyrocketed! Now I am able to speak to people everywhere and start a conversation. I have also become much more outgoing and making contact is just a bit easier for me.

Partly due to 3X3 Unites I have experienced great personal development, at a time when I really needed it. Just before COVID emerged last year, my parents divorced, which was quite difficult. In a sense, it was nice for me to be a little older, as I was mature enough to understand why this was the best thing. However, for my two younger sisters, I found it very upsetting. My older sister is already studying and living on her own, but I still go with my younger sisters when we have to change houses. It is what it is, and we must make the best of it. Two houses take some getting used to, but little by little things are getting easier. 3X3 Unites has given me a safe environment to keep myself busy and to work on myself. My ball game has improved, but as a person I have also been able to grow. In 5 against 5 I was always the outsider. I did not know the words and I did not understand the plays. In 3X3 everything runs more smoothly. There is more explanation, less tactics, and a lot more cooperation with each other as a team. The 3X3 community has helped me further and the feeling of safety in our community gives me a lot of peace and confidence.

Personal development is very important to me
My plans for the future do not go much further than the next couple of years. Currently, I am taking a gap year. However, I would like to travel throughout South America when it is possible again. Preferably via Mexico. I am very curious about my old culture. I speak Spanish, but that decreases with time. There, I can meet my family again and visit my grandmother. For me it feels very nostalgic, Mexico, so I would love to discover that side of myself again.

In addition, I am also looking at what I would like to study, and I am now thinking about going to Wageningen to study Ecology. I find biology incredibly interesting, but not on a microscopic scale. Hopefully, I will be able to live on my own in Wageningen. Of course, I would also like to continue playing basketball, but then I would have to play for the competition! I am not a complex person, but personal development is very important to me, so I will always keep finding ways to renew, improve and develop myself!