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empowered by 3x3 - scaling up social impact in Europe

3X3 Unites, Streetball Copenhagen, 3X3 Academy Düsseldorf and the Sport University Cologne have teamed up to scale up the social impact of 3x3. During this 18 month project, co-financed by the European Union, tight knit local communities will be build around the power of 3x3, which will be the foundation for increased social impact through 3x3 in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany. 

'Empowered by 3X3' takes place in Copenhagen, Dusseldorf and in The Hague. With 'Empowered by 3X3' we aim to create lasting impact. Local youth activates and unites their own urban areas through 3x3. As part of scaling up the power of 3X3, the partners in Copenhagen and Dusseldorf are enabled to coach and empower 3X3 Leaders themselves by developing their own 3X3 Facilitators within the project. The local partners and the whole local network are essential in creating sustainable impact and are empowered by linking them internationally! We engage with and facilitate the local partners during the whole project and hope to achieve a lasting activation of the different neighborhoods in collaboration with them. We aim to give the youth a real perspective. 

We empower youth to use their talents and to see and reach their potential. They create safe communities and learn how to use 3X3 as a tool to develop life skills. We offer perspective to young people by helping them push boundaries and providing employment opportunities. Connecting internationally will enable us to create additional opportunities. 

the 3x3 leaders

Empowerment of youth is at the core of everything we do. We educate talented youth through the power of 3x3 to become 3X3 Leaders. The 3X3 Leader Course teaches these young individuals life skills such as being resilient, organisational skills and taking ownership over your own life.

In each country 12 young individuals are educated to become 3X3 Leaders. Resulting in 36 graduated 3X3 Leaders. The 3X3 Leader Course they take part in runs for 8 weeks. During and after the programme, the talented youth activate local courts, organise a 3x3 community event at the end of the 3X3 Leader Course and build a sustainable local 3x3 community.

Want to become a 3X3 Leader? Sign up here.

The 3X3 Facilitators

3X3 Facilitators are talented young individuals that have the potential to coordinate activites, engage with project stageholders, recruit 3X3 Leaders and most importantly educate and empower 3X3 Leaders. The 3X3 Facilitators will play a key role in bringing the power of 3x3 to their regions and countries.

During this project nine 3X3 Facilitators will be educated. Three in each country. This takes place in Amsterdam during a 7 days programme in May 2023. They are coached on the job while giving the 3X3 leader course this summer and form an international online community.

Measureable social impact

In the long term we aim to achieve change in society. The change that we work to achieve is measurable and contributes to the Social Development Goals (SDG's)defined by the European Union. The United Nations have defined a total of 17 SDG's. 3X3 Unites and it's partners contribute to four of them with this project.


Empowered by 3X3 Contributes to SDG 3 through increased sport participation and physical activity. Specifically amongst youth.


Empowered by 3X3 contributes to SDG 5 through creating gender equality throughout the entire project.

SDG 10

Empowered by 3X3 contributes to SDG 10 through empowering youth and offering perspective to youth in underserved urban areas.

Sustainable cities and communities
SDG 11

Empowered by 3X3 contributes to SDG 11 through using public spaces for sports and creating on 3X3 courts safe places through active and inclusive communities with shared values.

The organisations behind 'empowered by 3x3'
3x3 unites

3X3 Unites believes that major developments arise by embracing the small. We inspire and support young people who want to pursue their dreams. In order to have a positive impact on their lives and therefore the world around them. Using 3x3 as a tools for development to take ownership of their own success. We do this by inspiring them with Pro events. By using our knowledge for the development and design of this sport, but also for the development of the public space where we practice our sport.

Streetball København

The purpose of the association is to organize streetball events, to improve conditions of the Copenhagen basketball playground, and to create a social framework where children, youth and adults can meet and play street basketball through tournaments.

3x3 academy dusseldorf

3x3 Academy Düsseldorf was founded with the support of the city of Düsseldorf and the local federation in North-Rhein Westfalia. The focus of the club is to use 3X3 Basketball as a tool for youth work, integration and also Women's 3X3 Basketball. Since its start 2020, the club has been active at all levels, schools to pro-teams as an “only 3X3” organization. The slogan of the city Düsseldorf is “Home of 3X3”.

sport university cologne

The German Sport University Cologne is an experienced partner in running Erasmus+ projects using sport for social change.
Drawing from the experience in the Sport4Development area, the university is responsible for supporting in setting up a continuous process of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) and to ensure the quality of the project.


Co-funded by the European Union. Views and opinions expressed are however those of the author(s) only and do not necessarily reflect those of the European Union or the European Education and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). Neither the European Union nor EACEA can be held responsible for them.

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